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Sets the locale. For multilingual sites it parses the url and sets the locale accordingly. If the language key is missing, it performs a 301 redirect to the requested page with the default language key set. Supported locales are:

  • cs_CZ
  • en_US
  • de_DE



Single Language Sites

For single language sites it accepts the locale string.


# site.yml 

locale: en_US

Multi Language Sites

For multilingual sites it accepts a map with the following options:

option type required description
default map A map that defines the default locale. It must provide two keys: name which identifies the default locale for application and key which identifies the locale in the url.
extra map A map of additional locales where the key is the url identifier of the locale and the value is the locale name.


# site.yml 

        key: cs
        name: cs_CZ
    extra: { en: en_US }


name type description
locale string The locale name used for the current request (i.e. en_US).


It is possible return localized error pages. Add locale specific directories into src/templates (eg. en_US) and put the error pages there.