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TwigYard is a tool to make working on simple websites as easy and as enjoyable as possible. It is meant to fill the gap between static site generators on one hand and CMS's on the other. Site generators are a simple, elegant and scalable solution, but often the feature set they offer is not enough. On the other hand, CMS's have all the features, but the associated overhead can be needlessly expensive. TwigYard sits somewhere in the middle.

One instance of TwigYard can serve many websites and creating a new site is as easy as creating a new directory. All the website data is saved on the filesystem so deployments are simple and scaling out is easy. Also, since all files and configurations can be in your VCS there is no need to worry about backups.

There is no administration and there never will be. TwigYard is thus best suited for mostly static websites or websites maintained by tech-savvy users. The tool is also very good for prototyping and for building websites where future development will utilize the existing twig templates.

In the TwigYard tool itself we used existing components whenever it was possible. We chose the best tools for the job borrowing from projects like Symfony, Zend or Nette, so if you have experience with these, you'll feel right at home and you can start contributing. Pull requests are welcome.

TwigYard communication diagram